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Downtown Savannah Georgia

We want consumers to know that a good cup of coffee is to be cherished. To be had alone or shared, sitting down, with a colleague, boss, date, friend or during a catch up with your significant other. We want consumers to EXPERIENCE what good coffee is! What makes us different? When you come to our store you will have the opportunity to pick coffee from Guatemala, Colombia, Brazil, Puerto Rico, Ethiopia and Sumatra. We roast our coffee in our facilities so you know its going to be 100% fresh. Our customers can enjoy a good cup of coffee and sandwiches, pastries, salads, meat and cheese boards and more. Come and join us and be our guest!


Our friends at Savannah Morning News wrote a great article.

Carro knew he wanted to give customers the power to decide exactly what kind of
coffee they wanted and to know where it came from. The green coffee from Guatemala, Columbia,
Brazil, Puerto Rico, Ethiopia and Sumatra is brought in and roasted fresh in-house.
The varieties will rotate about every six months, Carro said. 

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We are looking for passionate, outgoing, genuine and worldly people to be part of our unique business.

Experience is ideal, but not necessary.

If you think you have what it takes, please send your resume to: info@blendsacoffeeboutique.com

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